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Book Ice McDonald for:

  • Close up / Strolling Magic
  • Parlor/ Stand up Magic
  • Trade Show
  • Corporate Events (Customize to Event)
  • Theater Show (Master of Ceremony)
  • Theater Show (Magic/Illusions)


People are talking about:

On behalf of our entire National Council and the 1,200 attendees of our recent international convention, I wish to congratulate you on your spectacular performance at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You were the perfect choice as the opening act for our Wednesday Gala Show. You set the standard for what has been called, one of the greatest shows in S.A.M. history.

R.G. Smith, Executive Show Producer

I know I speak for the crowd 15,000 or so worshipers who were blessed by your unique
biblically based presentation. Please know that if there is ever any opportunity for me to affirm or recommend you to other pastors, congregations or promoters; you have my heartfelt support and glowing commendation.

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Ph.D – Senior Pastor Faithful Central Bible Church

On the behalf of the Armed Forces Entertainment Office, I’d like to extend our sincere appreciation for the outstanding entertainment you provided for our troops.

Janice G. Long, Colonel, USAF Chief Armed Service Entertainment

ICE McDonald’s performances have been consistently entertaining, highly original and the upscale clientele we attract have given them rave reviews. I am pleased to give this dynamic act my personal recommendation.

Scott Hollingsworth, Entertainment Director, The Magic Island

To witness the powerful performance of ICE is remarkable.

Jack Kodell, World Renown Magic Legend

It is funny how a person with the name “ICE” can do a hot show. It would be my privilege to highly recommend you to any group that is seeking top quality magical entertainment.

Jep Hostetler , Executive Director, Magi-Fest

When ICE takes center stage, he displays a patent passion for perfection.

Lee Earle, World Class Mentalist

It’s not often I write reviews on magic lectures but just lately the standard has been so high that I have felt compelled to put pen to paper… Ice set the tone for the evening by stating that this was a lecture designed for magicians who are serious about their art. Which it was but put over in a fun and entertaining way. In fact it’s hard to do justice as to how good a lecture this was or be able to mention all of the subjects covered…

Guild of Magicians Nottingham
 Reviewed by Freddie Wilkinson